Jeep Axle Vacuum Diagram

Jeep Axle Vacuum Diagram. View this helpful Jeep Factory Axle Identification Chart to identify the type of axle your jeep has. The model number and date are self explanatory.

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Where do I connect these 4wd vacuum hoses to - (Elijah Abbott)
I jacked the truck up and checked the front axle vacuum actuator first. I've got an apparently broken VSV (the hoses Jeep - Non Hardcore. The vacuum diagram shows the different vacuum controlled devices and how they interconnect.

Try checking the vacuum lines on the axle.

Comming from the transmission, there are four color coded hard plastic vacuum lines.

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Thanks for the information I was wondering about the lack of a vacuum diagram to go with the electrical diagram. M., is the number stamped on the right or left hand tube of the axle. It then provides output control signals to regulate air/fuel ratio, ignition, idle speed and.

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